calm + focus + joy

Therapy combines a therapeutic dose of CBD, 16.6mg per ml, with our proprietary blend of calm-enhancing plant medicines to combat anxiety and stress while increasing focus and well-being.

A 10-20 mg dose of CBD has been shown to alleviate stress and anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep, and increase mental clarity. Blended with ingredients like California poppy—used for centuries to help calm anxiety and to relieve mental and physical tension—and Valerian, which moderates fear and stress responses, Therapy adds a potent element to your stress-reducing toolkit.

Therapy is also excellent for treating the grumping and cramping associated with PMS, trips to the hardware store and calls to your internet  provider.

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This product is not intended to replace clinical therapy.

Rosebud Remedy’s Drops are medicinal, and as a result they taste like medicine. They contain no sweeteners or flavoring compounds. They are also vegan  and gluten-free.


Each bottle contains 30 x 1ml doses.

Each dose contains 16.6mg CBD.

Most people find 10mg to 20mg of CBD to be adequate to relieve symptoms.

There is good evidence that cannabinoids are more bioavailable when taken sublingually (under the tongue).

Hold drops under your tongue for at least 60 seconds and then swallow.

Drops can also be added to beverages or diluted in a small glass of water. If taken this way allow 60-90 minutes for full effects.


• Shake well before each use.

• Separation will occur and is normal, as this is a natural, non-homogenized product.

• Store in a cool place.

• Do not touch dropper to your tongue.


Every ingredient in this bottle was carefully chosen to make your experience better.

Fractionated MCT oil, full spectrum CBD concentrate, CBD isolate, sunflower lecithin, our proprietary blend of plant medicines.

We use 98% pure, lab tested, Canadian produced CBD isolate to fortify our full spectrum CBD concentrate.

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LAVENDER FLOWER   Eases anxiety, relieves indigestion and bloating, lessens hot flashes, reduces muscle and joint inflammation

BERGAMOT   Reduces anxiety, stress, and other mood disorders, lessens PMS symptoms

PASSIONFLOWER   Calms anxiety and depression, relieves nerve pain, increases focus

VALERIAN   Calms nervousness, reduces fear and stress responses, boosts immunity

CHAMOMILE   Soothes menstrual pain, helps with sleep and relaxation, lowers blood sugar, relieves pain

CALIFORNIA POPPY   Reduces anxiety, regulates sleep cycles, lessens chronic and acute pain, relieves menstrual cramping

MOTHERWORT   Slows heart-rate, eases muscle cramping, reduces intestinal gas

Warning: Keep away from minors and pets.

Why We’re Better

While a lot of brands use only CBD isolate in their drops, Rosebud Remedy uses full spectrum CBD and/or THC in all our products.

This is important because the cannabis plant contains more than 85 cannabinoids plus terpenes that work in unison to create cannabis’ therapeutic outcomes. This synergy, known as “the entourage effect,” can only be experienced when we use the full spectrum of compounds found in the cannabis plant.

By combining compounds in their natural state, we exceed the sum of the parts and create a multiplying effect which produces a more meaningful experience compared to any one of the compounds used in isolation. This is why drops made with only isolate, even at high doses, are less potent and less beneficial than full spectrum preparations.

Rosebud Remedy is the only company in Canada that combines full spectrum cannabis with traditional plant medicines to create a highly effective line of drops meant to address the aches, pains and stresses of daily life.

We lab test both our starting material and finished products to ensure consistency and quality, for a truly superior product.

The Stoned Cold Facts

CBD (Cannabidiol), the second most abundant cannabinoid in the marijuana plant and the most abundant in the hemp plant, is believed to be largely responsible for cannabis’ therapeutic qualities. CBD is a completely non-psychoactive compound that has a major effect on the peripheral nervous and immune systems; it will not get you high.

CBD is the rising star in the health and wellness world, with the full scope if its potential benefits being explored by curious minds in science and medicine. Existing research shows significant evidence that CBD helps manage stress and anxiety, reduces pain and inflammation, improves sleep, increases mental clarity, benefits heart health, and treats seizure disorders. CBD is also great at reducing menstrual grumping and cramping.