Straight Shooter


focused • calm • bright • fresh

Straight Shooter gummies employ a compelling dose of CBD to help you realize the mantra “quiet mind, steady hands.” These little cubes of bright flavored calm will slay the dragons of your internal and external chaos. De-stress in real time, while maintaining clarity and focus. The answer for anyone who needs to stick the dismount.


Lemon Drop

Cool Mint

“I eat Straight Shooter gummies to combat weapons-grade social anxiety. I still don’t like people but no one can tell.”

– F Lorde, Owner Rosebud Remedy


14 pieces per pack.


Eat 1. Wait an hour before re-dosing.


Keep in cool, dry place.

Cane SugarMakes sweet things sweet
GlucosePrevents crystallization
GelatinProvides awesome chewiness
Candy OilConcentrated flavor, sans preservatives
Coconut OilUps bioavailability of cannabinoids
Sunflower LecithinSuperfood emulsifier, boosts potency
Tartaric AcidBalances sweetness + improves texture
Potassium SorbateInhibits mold growth
ColorBrown gummies look yucky
Full Spectrum CBD ConcentrateAs Mother Nature intended
CBD Isolate

Contains <1% naturally occurring THC
Flavorlessly augments full spectrum CBD
Warning: Keep away from minors and pets.