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Daytripper gummies balance a therapeutic dose of CBD with a functional dose of THC, for those who want to float through their day and get shit done. Feel creative, motivated, and blissed-out, while avoiding the confusion that can accompany high doses of THC. Why not try one at bedtime? You might find yourself tripping through fields of daisies. Perfect for both new and experienced users.


Strawberry Lemonade

Orange Juice

“I tried Daytripper at bedtime and it was like being wrapped in a warm marshmallow. No matter what position I was in, I was super comfortable. Slept like a S’more.”

–, Customer Review


15 pieces per pack.


Eat 1. Wait an hour before re-dosing.


Keep in cool, dry place.

Cane SugarMakes sweet things sweet
GlucosePrevents crystallization
GelatinProvides awesome chewiness
Candy OilConcentrated flavor, sans preservatives
Coconut OilUps bioavailability of cannabinoids
Sunflower LecithinSuperfood emulsifier, boosts potency
Tartaric AcidBalances sweetness + improves texture
Potassium SorbateInhibits mold growth
ColorBrown gummies look yucky
Full spectrum CBD and THC concentratesAs Mother Nature intended
CBD IsolateFlavorlessly augments full spectrum CBD
Warning: Keep away from minors and pets.