Netflix n’ Chill


smooth • chill • sweet • salty

Netflix n’ Chill gummies possess a potent dose of THC and thoughtfully curated flavors from the concession stand of your local movie theater. Slip into something comfortable, and booty call a friend. The night is young, and “stranger things” are going to happen! Also suitable for finding your flow, attending the opera, or dinner with your mom. For experienced users.


Hot Buttered Popcorn

Blue Raspberry

Orange Creamsicle

Fruit Punch

Delicious, fun and fabulous. Tuned me up like a Stratavarius

MBK guitar teacher


16 pieces per pack.


Start with half. Wait an hour before re-dosing.


Keep in cool, dry place.

Cane SugarMakes sweet things sweet
GlucosePrevents crystallization
GelatinProvides awesome chewiness
Candy OilConcentrated flavor, sans preservatives
Coconut OilUps bioavailability of cannabinoids
Sunflower LecithinSuperfood emulsifier, boosts potency
Tartaric AcidBalances sweetness + improves texture
Potassium SorbateInhibits mold growth
ColorBrown gummies look yucky
Full Spectrum THC ConcentrateAs Mother Nature intended
Warning: Keep away from minors and pets.