In 2016 a couple of cannabis industry veterans set out to remedy what they saw as endemic problems in Canada’s edibles market: inconsistent, ineffective, untested, and poorly or unlabeled products.  Believing these products to be unethical and unsafe they made it their mission to create consistently effective edibles that people could trust and enjoy eating.

One of these founders, a Red Seal chef with a background in food science, set about to combine her understanding of traditional candy-making techniques, food safety and production methods, with the most current science of the bioavailability and pharmacodynamics of orally ingested cannabinoids.

Six months later, after much research and development, Rosebud Remedy launched its flagship line of gummies, and people were wowed. Packaging was designed to be informative and fun, with the candies inside precisely dosed and delicious.  To address the problems of safety, ethics and quality they first identified in the industry, a way to track the gummies was needed. Thus, Rosebud Remedy became the first edibles company in Canada to include a batch # on every bag. This batch # ties each candy to a production date and lab test, establishing a level of diligence and transparency for which Rosebud is now well-known.

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